Sunday, September 11, 2011

new hair. awesome makeup. adult time.

Hi all! Long time no see. No need to be upset, I haven't left you for good. Life has just been absolutely crazy. If you don't already know, I started working as a preschool teacher over the summer, a nannying job a month ago, two night classes two weeks ago, and frequently babysit other families for date nights. I am slightly busy to say the least. I have a huge haul coming up on my youtube channel soon and will possibly be doing a tutorial for this look as well. What do you think?

PS. My mouth is salivating like crazy right now because we making homemade/homegrown pizza including the tomato sauce and pesto. YUM!

PPS. I don't have much "adult time", so when I do, I seem to go all out with my style.

PPPS. New hair, dur. You like?

This look was a little to detailed to write out each step, so I'm pretty sure I'll be making a tutorial. I used a little bit of everything. The two main colors are Inglot, I've also got some ELF, NYX, Wet n' Wild, and MAC in there as well. My lips are a beautiful shade from Dior that I just received from Makeup Insider. I also used the mascara and translucent powder I received from him as well. Not sure what else to add, but I hope you like it!!

I was also really digging my outfit. Simple, edgy, and made me feel bad ass.