Sunday, January 2, 2011

Haul Time!

Well folks, I may have spent half of my food budget for the month, but it's all worth it in the name of makeup... right? ;-) Anyhow, I recently purchased various items from my favorite makeup website, Cherry Culture, and the most amazing store in the world, Naime's.

First, Cherry Culture. This site does contain a large amount of cheap products (both in price and quality), but I have found the gem amongst the rocks, NYX. This brand may not be MAC or Benefit, but it certainly is no drugstore makeup. Many of their products are unique and fun. My favorites are their Jumbo Eyepencils; they provide a great base to create a highly pigmented look or for loose powders. Their prices are also amazing, and even better on this website. I could go into more detail about NYX specifically, but let's get onto the haul.


left to right: jordana 37 cabaret, jordana 32 plum, jordana43 pink chic, NYX 817 hot red,
NYX 816 fuschia, amuse disco pink, amuse sweet rose, la colors fiery red, NYX 604 jupiter, NYX 501 iris

I'm excited to try out each of these liners. They all appear to be very well pigmented. The NYX liners are by far the smoothest, bu the LA Color one comes very close. The other ones need to be warmed up prior to being applied. I was hoping the two lipsticks would be matte. Instead they are very shimmery. This is fine, however, instead of using them as overall lip colors, a shimmery lipstick like this is great for highlighting the center of your lip for a more full, pouty look.


*The two glitters were placed above NYX Jumbo Eyepencil Pots and Pans
NYX jumbo eye pencil 624 rocky mountain green, NYX jumbo eye pencil 603 pots and pans,
NYX white glitter, NYX red glitter, amuse navy blue, amuse silver

I am slightly disappointed that the Jumbo Eyepencil and pencil liner are pretty close to the same silver. However, they apply very differently, and therefore will be used in different situations. I'm really excited to use the white glitter on the inner corner of my eye. It should serve as a fun highlight for more outgoing, glamorous looks.

Now for the special guest of the evening...


I was expecting a medium sized, single level, single room of makeup. Instead, we walked up to these double glass doors, marble floor entry way, with gold accents. Heaven. Instead of one floor, there were two. Instead of one room, there were three areas. As we walked up the stairs, it was almost as if the entire room glowed with happiness. There were counters upon counters, and shelves upon shelves of makeup. I went straight to the MAC counter, then made multiple laps around the store. Definitely a day to remember.

kryolan concealor wheel

From the two times I have used this concealer, I am very impressed. A very little bit, goes a very long way and is very light on my skin. The first time I tried it out, I applied way too much and it got very cakey looking, and fell into my creases. However, with a very thin layer, this concealer has a very smooth, full coverage.

Left to Right: eyedews, Hollywood Fashion Tape, Model in a Bottle Matte

Kandee Johnson suggested the eyedews for brides at her Glaminar. I picked these up at the register. I figure if I'm going to use them on a bride, I have to try it out on myself first, right? There are two pairs in each package.

Hollywood Fashion Tape is one of my favorite tricks of the trade. It is a special double sided tape that adheres to the skin (even when you're really sweaty). This works amazingly for slipping straps or to keep excessive cleavage from falling out.

I have used the original Model in a Bottle, which works well, but my skin seems shiny half way through the day (which may or may not be from Model in a Bottle). So, I thought that maybe the matte finish would do the job, and from what I can tell, IT DID!

lorac baked matte satin blush flaunt

So, I know this blush is not everyday wearable, but it is FABULOUS and kind of reminds me of Lady Ga-Ga. It is very buildable, as I have tried to show you in the above swatch. Today I used it as a cheek highlight as well as on my lips. This is a VERY versitile blush. I'm in love.

left to right: TOP - plumage, satin taupe, wood-winked, vex
star violet, cranberry, cork, rice paper, carbon
BOTTOM - makeup forever #92

*Shadows swatched on Soft Ocher MAC paint pot.
Left to Right: TOP - star violet, cranberry, cork, rice paper, carbon
BOTTOM - plumage, satin taupe, wood-winked, vex, makeup forever #92

Now for the eyeshadows. All MAC, except for the bottom right one (Makeup Forever #92), which I actually ordered from Sephora, but thought you'd all enjoy a swatch.

I am in love with every single color here. At the beginning of December I had gotten the Tarte Jewelery Box palette, and was obsessed with it. I haven't even touched it since getting these colors. I should though; it's a great palette.

That is all for now. Stay beautiful!

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