Skin Care

 My routine is the same in the morning and night:
Warm Water
Citrus Scrub
Finishes Cleanser
I don't LOVE the smell of this stuff, but it works amazingly well. It has a very gingerbready smell, which is ok at a distance or in small amounts, but a little overwhelming right up in your face.
 Alternatively, I LOVE the smell of this cleanser, plus it feels really nice on your skin!
 I have been using this astringent for YEARS.  I definitely feel a difference when I use this.  My skin feels more clean, almost airy, as if it killed every last dirt spec in my pores.

Now, I have a few favorite lotions that I use for various reason and at different times.

I love using this one at night.  It moisturizes well 
and I really notice a difference in the clarity of my skin.

 Paired with the cleanser, this moisturizer is amazing!
It feels silky on your skin and helps your skin look smooth!
I have also been loving this lotion right here. Unfortunately, it does cost a pretty penny. I was only able to afford it because my mother dearest did not like it. Just in the first week of using this, I have noticed a considerable difference in the texture and clarity of my skin!

This is great if you feel a pimple coming on, or already have one.  Instead of making a big, red mess of your skin, apply this stuff at night and by the morning it will significantly reduce the zit.  I have been using this stuff since puberty and I swear by it!  It kind of can sting, but that's how you know it's working, right?! ;-)

Now, you can't forget about your lips!
Here are my favs!
Soft lips!  I cannot get enough!  I have a stick just about everywhere you can think, purse, makeup bag, school bag, car, and a few spare ones just in case.  This is by far my favorite lip moisturizer.

I got one of these as a gift, and looooved it!  
And of course we can't forget about Burt's Bees!