Friday, July 15, 2011

wedding attire.

So, I just got the invite to a high school friend's wedding... that isn't until September. What's the first thing I do after sending in the rsvp? SHOP!!!

I already had my eyes on a pair of Betsey Johnson silver glitter shoes, but found more comfortable ones for less money at DSW. I also found these slightly padded socks made specifically for peep toe pumps. I let you know if they do the trick after wearing them a few times.

Next on the list is/was (because I haven't actually purchased it yet) the dress. I really didn't know exactly what I was looking for except that it be affordable, adorable, and not black or white. I searched ideeli, hautelook, modcloth, macys, and nordstrom's online store with little to no success. Then, after posting on facebook, a fashion friend mentioned ruche. There were SOOOO many adorable, affordable dresses, but it came down to one. A navy, floral lace cap, knee length dress. I love wearing navy. There's something about red hair and navy that makes my light skin and blue eyes glow.

Of course, next on the list is hair and makeup. Simple. Classic pin up makeup and simple wavy hair either all down or some pinned back.

and here is what you get... or at least an idea of what it will/should be...


  1. Oh I do wonder who your fashionable friend that mentioned ruche was ;)

  2. love the outfit youve picked out!!!
    i also awarded your blog!!!

  3. Liss: some stylish chick I've known for ages.

    Glitterskulls: wow thank you, thank you!!