Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rainbows on Acid

Yes, you're seeing this correctly... This IS the Acid palette from Sleek.

Now, if you watch xsparkage, you know why this palette is so amazing and rare, or at least in the US. Sleek is based in the UK, and this specific palette is actually not USDA approved. Not sure why, don't care. My family from England was visiting the US, so I asked my aunt if she could pick one up for me. They are sold at SuperDrug and are $10 each.

- great pigmentation
- can get chalky or streaky
- must pack on color
- very soft
- great variety of colors

- make sure you have a good base on, especially a white or light color
- use a small brush to pack on color
- pat, don't swipe, shadow on


  1. Omg this palette is amazing, you totally sold me just with the title. I love the way you played with the colors as well, the highlighter color in your inner corners just makes your eyes jump out of the pictures. Insane!!

  2. @Meredith Jessica- Thank you so much! You're an absolute sweetheart. I may have forgotten to mention that you cannot order or purchase this palette from the US at all, if that's where you live. I should have my aunt ship some to me and sell them! haha.