Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Look of the Day: 1/18/11

This look was inspired by the following video:

Nikkietutorials on youtube is one of my very favorites. Not only is she very educational in regards to makeup, but she is so entertaining as well!

I used Nikkie's crease technique using cork, then varied up the lid by applying a mixture of wood-winked, satin taupe, and cork. The very inner eye highlight is rice paper. To make this area pop, I used a soft pencil brush and brought it up to meet with the crease. This technique creates such a cool effect and illusion to the face. By bringing the crease to the bridge of your nose you are slenderizing your nose, while the inner highlight brightens and enlarges your eye. This look does not have a brow highlight in order to not take away from the previously mentioned.

I also learned a new trick from xsparkage on how to keep your waterline liner all day in this video:

ps. I'm not naked! I swear! =)

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