Monday, February 7, 2011


NYX Longwear black eyeliner VERSUS Revlon Colorstay black eyeliner

I would love to be able to afford some high end, long wear, smudge proof liner such as Urban Decay 24-hour, but I can't. So here's the next best thing, Revlon Colorstay. Today I wanted to test the difference between a regular pencil liner, and one that claims to be long lasting.

Note: I did not set my liner.




top: NYX, bottom: Revlon

Left to right:
1. Both liners drawn on my hand.
2. After a few light rubs.
3. After several vigorous rubs.

Final thoughts:
I'm impressed. For $7.49 this liner did the job. It is creamy and pigmented. It did melt below my waterline throughout the day. However, if I had set the liner, I'm sure it would have lasted much longer. I was also very impressed with my "rub test". The Revlon eyeliner stayed put through quite a bit of scrubbing!

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