Friday, February 4, 2011

My Before and After

before after

Well folks, I guess I love you just that much, because I am willing to show you all what exactly is underneath all my makeup. Now, you should also know that I am not one of those girls who is unwilling to go out in public bare faced, I do, all the time; it's just not something I typically photograph. Personally, I think my three biggest flaws are how uneven my brows are (right now), the bags under my eyes (which are wayyyy worse in the morning, and this before picture was taken at night), and how my eyelids are uneven. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, makeup has the ability to fool the eye into believing that these things are not really there!

Tricks of the trade:

Brows: I always fill in my eyebrows no matter how uneven they are at the time. The shape and fullness of your brows can completely change your entire face. You can use a pencil, shadow, or both! Lately I've been using both. Also, you always want to use colors that are a few shade lighter, or you can get funky and use a hot pink or purple! I highly suggest looking up videos on youtube.

Under Eye Bags: Make sure you moisturize before doing anything. Then, use a lighter concealer or foundation making a right triangle with your tear duct being the 90 degree point. Then, lighten up between your eyes and down the center of your nose. This will cover up the bags, brighten your face, and give you a little lift all at once.

Uneven Lids: Although the intention is for your makeup to be even, most faces are not, and therefore, your makeup will not be either. (It will look virtually even, however.) On the lid that droops more, make a slightly thicker line and when drawing a cat eye, make the angle slightly more severe. This will lift the eye, while the thicker liner will appear to be the same as the opposing one.

For this look, I used a large fluffy brush to wash the entire eye from lash line to brow with a shadow several shade lighter than my skin tone. I then defined my crease with a cool, matte brown, and finished off with a shimmery white gold to highlight the tear duct and below the brow. For the liner, I used a dark brown gel liner to make a pin-up like cat eye.

My face consisted of very light contouring and a peachy cheek. I kept the lips nude and matte, and of course filled in my brows, which were probably too light this day.

I hope you enjoyed!

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