Wednesday, May 18, 2011

all 'bout da face!

I was chattin' with my roomie about contouring and blush, but we disagreed slightly. She said blush should never go up to the temples, I say it can. So, I went to work and did some research. Of course, despite anything you see in these videos, you have to do what you personally think is most flattering, but it is also my experience that a lot of girls learn makeup by watching others whether knowing what they are really doing or not. (In no way am I saying this is my roommate, she is actually quite talented in this department as well.) The videos below are by two PROFESSIONAL makeup artist who have been in the biz for many, many years.

Goal of face makeup: cover imperfections (blemishes, scars, etc) and accentuate your best features.

The biggest tip I have found in all my research is BLEND BLEND BLEND. No matter what you put on your face or where it is, BLEND IT OUT! The goal, especially with face makeup, is to make it look natural. No one wants lines of color on their face. UGH YUCK! I have also found it very helpful and useful to blend your contour, highlight, and blush slightly up into your temples, and between each of the three sections, to create an even more natural effect by eliminating the possibility for a streaky appearance.

I hope these videos and my blabbing is informative and helpful. =)





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