Saturday, May 7, 2011


Left: w/ OttLite
Right: w/o OttLite

It is a little hard to tell that there is a significant difference, but let me tell you, there is. Prior to using this brilliant invention, I was facing in a direction so that only one side of my face got natural light. Now, my entire face is evening lit with natural light!

Here is what I said about the OttLite in my Organization post:

Meet my new Ottlite Natural Makeup Mirror. Isn't she pretty?! And what's even better, is the mirror is two sided! Don't tell me you don't have a love hate relationship with the magnification side of a mirror, you know you do. I cannot say enough good things about this beauty. She is lite, sleek, provides amazing light, and is just fabulous!

Let's talk about the price for a second. On the OttLite website, this mirror is $99! There is no way that I would EVER spend that much money on a mirror, no matter how pretty. BUT, being the bargain hunter I am, I found her for $45!! How you ask? First, I always do a google search. Be careful though, a lot of the sites that come up can be scams. One of the sites that came up was Jo-Ann's. Since this is a store I trust and have purchased from before, I checked it out. It just so happened that they were (and still are!) selling this same exact light for $39.99!! Now, my bargaining is not done here. Before check out, I also do a google search for discount codes, and I found one! With shipping, tax, and the discount code, the total came out to less than $50!

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