Monday, May 2, 2011

PRIDE pink?

Many of you may already know my idea for what I'm going to wear to PRIDE SF this year, but for those of you who don't, allow me to explain. I want to wear as much pink as humanly possible. Then, I will make a shirt, most likely with dazzle and glitter, with the image of and the words "lipstick". I even want to get pink clip in extensions, definitely pink lips, each nail a different pink, already have pink Vans and tights, and I'm debating if my shorts should be pink or denim. I also found a pink Camelbak I would like to purchase for the occasion. Anywho, enough with that nonsense, onto the real business!

I am now going to admit something that I don't often talk about, but... I have a 120 palette from BH cosmetics. Now, I know a lot of you have one, and if you love it, great. I'm happy for you. However, once I was informed of how many horrible chemicals are in them, I chose to use it as little as possible. I have recently taken on the goal of skin aging prevention by using high quality makeup products with less chemicals and that are smoother to the skin, in addition to lots and lots of moisturizing. But, yes, I brought it out for this look in order to accomplish the pink gradient I was looking for. The purple looking color in my crease is in fact just a small amount of black over the brightest pink. Also, to highlight, instead of using a shimmering pink, I used a very, very light matte pink and layered the pink color transformer from ELF over it.

Please excuse any sloppiness. It's 1:30 in the morning and I took the makeup off immediately after taking the photos.

This look would be SOOOO pretty with some bedazzled eyelashes and maybe even a few very small, white stones towards the bottom outside of the eye. Of course, I will be wearing this looking with a bright pink lip, so I will be mainly focusing on bronzing and highlighting my face. However, for any other occasion, I would most likely to a light pink, nude gloss on my lip and a more lightly bronzed cheek with a little bit of baby pink blush. It's all about balance. Typically you only want to highlight one area of the face (eyes, cheeks, or lips), but if you're looking to be bold and stand out, highlight two areas. I never suggest highlighting all three, then you end up REALLY looking like a clown.

What do you guys think of these pink eyebrows? I am kind of digging them. Especially if I get the pink extensions, which would line the entire bottom half of my hair.

All the makeup on one eye. Holy moly macoroly!

Doing makeup in your jammies at 1:00am is super cool!

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