Saturday, May 7, 2011


My room is really small, so I have to use every nook and cranny. My makeup station was originally on my dresser and some corner shelves I put up, but this wasn't really working out for me partially because I like to be sitting when I do my makeup.

The two stacked drawer units are from target. They have a wide selection of drawers, so you can find the right ones for you. I also purchased an organizer set from the kitchen department. I tried to find them online, but wasn't able to for some reason, but I found them in the store next to the utensil drawer organizers.

Meet my new Ottlite Natural Makeup Mirror. Isn't she pretty?! And what's even better, is the mirror is two sided! Don't tell me you don't have a love hate relationship with the magnification side of a mirror, you know you do. I cannot say enough good things about this beauty. She is lite, sleek, provides amazing light, and is just fabulous!

Let's talk about the price for a second. On the OttLite website, this mirror is $99! There is no way that I would EVER spend that much money on a mirror, no matter how pretty. BUT, being the bargain hunter I am, I found her for $45!! How you ask? First, I always do a google search. Be careful though, a lot of the sites that come up can be scams. One of the sites that came up was Jo-Ann's. Since this is a store I trust and have purchased from before, I checked it out. It just so happened that they were (and still are!) selling this same exact light for $39.99!! Now, my bargaining is not done here. Before check out, I also do a google search for discount codes, and I found one! With shipping, tax, and the discount code, the total came out to less than $50!

Behind my mirror is a makeup organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond. Obviously I use this to organize my brushes. I also have my primer, setting spray, a few eye liners I regularly use, makeup sanitizer, etc. When I'm doing my makeup I move this in front of me for convenience.

Let me now take you through each drawer from top to bottom:

Drawer One:

Drawer Two:
Eye Primer

Drawer Three:
Face Primer
Face Powder

Drawer Four:
Lip Liner
Lip Gloss

Drawer Five:
Face Wipes
Face Lotion

Drawer Six:
Hair Products

To the right of my drawers I have a few more items:

This basket holds my hair tools and any products I use regularly.

In front of the hair basket I have a box of tissues sitting on top of two small towels that I use to wipe my brushes on. I used to wipe them on my pajama bottoms, and now they are stained with makeup. To the left I have a small tin I use as a trash which sits on top of my Tarte Jewelery Box makeup kit.

These were the few drawer organizers I had left after placing them into the drawers. The three small ones hold bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties, and small alligator clips. The big one holds small hair accessories, perfume, and deodorant. Prior to purchasing my OttLite, these bins used to sit on top of the drawers. I prefer these outside, rather than in a drawer, because I use them rather frequently.

I hope this was inspiring. =)

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